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KUALA LUMPUR: Shares in Sapura Energy Bhd edged down in early trade amid a weak broader market.

The oil and gas services integrated oil and gas services provider declined 0.5 sen to 4.5 sen. It is currently the most active counter with 141.54 million shares traded.

Sapura Energy’s drilling and engineering and construction business segments, through its wholly-owned subsidiaries and joint-venture, have secured six major contracts in the Asia-Pacific and Atlantic region with a combined value of RM2.7bil.

It said RM176mil from the combined value was contributed by its joint-venture company.

“While the combined values of said contracts are huge (RM2.7bil), we remain wary of this development as we highlight that in recent years, Sapura Energy has yet to display a satisfactory track record in regards to its job delivery and execution – in our view. With that, we are only cautiously positive on this development,” Hong Leong Investment Bank said.

The research house added that the job wins will increase its current outstanding orderbook to RM9.3bil (from RM6.6bil as at Jan 31, 2022).

“We think that it will be an uphill task for Sapura to turnaround its operations in the near-to-mid term due to heightened cost overruns in its projects and liquidity issues arising from difficulty to obtain funding due to its balance sheet distress as it is now officially a PN17 company.

“We maintain our ‘sell’ recommendation with an unchanged target price of RM0.01 – based on 0.5x FY22 P/B,” Hong Leong said.

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